Online Giving

  • On Line Giving

    Clicking on the give now square opens the giving options. Once there, follow the sequential prompts to provide the necessary information:
     How much you would like to give.

    1. What fund you want to donate to.
    2. How often you want to make this gift (e.g. on-time, weekly, monthly, etc.)
    3. When you want to schedule/begin this gift.
    4. How you want to pay (credit card or bank account transfer)

    You can click on your previous answers to edit them before finalizing your gift.


    • You will receive an email receipt for your donation. Your contribution is tax deductible.
    • 100% of your gift will go to St. Anthony Parish. Abundant (our online giving platform) automatically calculates a 1.9% convenience fee for donations given by any credit card to cover credit card processing fees and ensure 100% of your intended tithe goes to the parish. (The standard for other digital giving systems is to take a percentage of the gift meant for the church to cover the processing fees.) As an option, you may cover the processing fee for 100% of your gift to go to the parish.
    • We accept all major credit & debit cards or connect directly to your checking account.
    • When using a bank account to give, you can use the "Link account using Plaid" option to use your online banking credentials to donate online. Alternatively, you can manually enter your routing and account numbers.
    • If you wish to cancel your online payment, you can easily do so through Abundant simple system. Just click the blue button in the lower right, or contact the office.


    • Our digital giving platform, Abundant, is compliant with the strictest standards governing the processing of electronic payments. To put a finer point on it, Abundant uses 256-bit encryption (which is the same level as every major bank) and our Onling giving uses secure tokens so that givers' information is protected.
    • Lastly, giving online is often MORE secure than giving via check as checks have account numbers and routing numbers printed directly on them on display for all to see.

    Thank you for your willingness to give back to God in support of St. Anthony Parish.

  • You can also text your gift by sending  stanthonyspokane to 73256.

    Thank you for your generosity!